Based in Wichita, Kansas, Flint Hills Resources is a global employer of approximately 3,300 people at more than 60 locations around the world. Our company generates about $31 billion in annual revenue. The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of KOCH INDUSTRIES, the second largest private company in America with 130,000 employees worldwide.

While Flint Hills Resources’ operations are primarily in Texas and the Midwest, our products are found all over the world. Our employees are our greatest resource. They are scientists, engineers, IT professionals, sales and marketing representatives, administrative professionals, and plant operators – all bound by a common set of guiding PRINCIPLES and a commitment to innovate, improve and constantly transform our operations to create greater value for our customers and all those whose lives are made better by the products we produce.

To learn more about Flint Hills Resources’ facilities, check out these fact sheets.

Our facilities include:

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A map of the United States and Canada with symbols indicating Flint Hills Resources Facilties




Chemical Plant

Crude Oil, Fuel, Asphalt Terminal

Base Oil Joint Venture Plant

Product Pipeline

Crude Oil Pipeline

Flint Hills Resources also has a sales presence in Belgium, Switzerland, and Hong Kong.

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