We place a high value on safety – including the physical safety of our employees and neighbors, as well as the “process safety” of maintaining equipment, making proactive upgrades, and constantly evaluating and improving our systems. This track record includes 758 safety awards since 1999 and 13 certified Voluntary Protection Programs (VPP) at manufacturing sites through the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

AFPM VPP Awards 2018

Award Winning Safety Record

In each of the past 25 years, the National Safety Council has presented the Perfect Record Award to more than 25 of our facilities. The majority of Flints Hills Resources sites participate in the OSHA Voluntary Protection Program, which promotes worksite health and safety.

Ongoing Safety Training

At the Pine Bend refinery in Minnesota and the Corpus Christi refineries in Texas, Flint Hills operates fully functioning fire departments and on-site training centers. Fire department crew members and volunteers receive ongoing training on all aspects of industrial emergency response and battle live, pressurized petroleum fires at the onsite training centers.

On-site fire departments and training facilities

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